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Poster: He Live's Date: Mar 11, 2013 9:15pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Weir Answers A Few Questions IS LIKE A STRANGER

hey.... nice to read some real information!

"China Cat Sunflower is an odd example because it’s virtually the only song on which Jerry taught me a riff and told me it’s what he wanted to hear. That little arpeggiated lick was his. I do something similar on Scarlet Begonias, a part that I came up with."

i listened to some dead when i went to read your post, i randomly picked china cat for weir's playing... jerry was his teacher in some fashion, he modeled his playing on what would mesh.... of course so did jerry and everyone in a band to a degree.... but jerry was so unique it really pushed the band.

.... and now we, know, he owns pants!

next i go to Feel Like a Stranger... this is a touch stone for me.... i though the version on w/o a net was the best thing ever when i was 16....

listen for a moment to this INTREPID version, (so boring, w/o garcia....) STRANGER, took a long time to devlop.

this version from 5/11/80 == bobby is starting to get the vocals down good... BELTING it out with confidence... jerry seems has a part developing, brent sounds horribly out of tune at times.

THE DRUMMERS sound absolutely ON FIRE.... ^^ that recording is very VERY FRIENDLY to the drums....

the section into the first solo is very DREAMLIKE> 2:45, VOCAL JAM ethereal > 3:35........

gosh, i haven't listend to this shit in a while, i just started tripping the fuck out, 4:24

special shit, 5:07./// then Jerry slays his OUTRO RIFF before going into deep PITB territory and playing spirals.... gong into DARK STAR murk 6:45....... HOLY CRAP... that was a crazy version.... Jerr wanted to move on.... the song was not yet the FLASHY DISPLAY OF FLYING DAGGERS it would become....


^^^ don't skip the TUNING segment, with Billy imploring bobby to "have the proper attitude"

BY '89.....

they had all the parts on the final solo sown together it was a TOUR DE FORCE opener, it would not really appear with franklin's or other songs any more.... bobby had the absolutely SHREDDING counterpoint to GARCIA down to a science --- he starts LAYING INTO it at 5:36 or so.... they could work into the climax heard here at 7:00 FLAWLESSLY and with AUTHORITY (not exactly their hallmark) night after night.... this was a raging set opener....

(i always tout the same shit, what do you want?)

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Poster: light into ashes Date: Mar 12, 2013 9:42pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Weir Answers A Few Questions IS LIKE A STRANGER

I always thought of Feel Like a Stranger as kind of like the "disco Dancin'" of the '80s. Come to think of it, it's also like the twin sibling of Shakedown Street. At any rate, I'm not too attuned to the more "modern" '80s sound of the Dead, and I'm especially not thrilled by Jerry's synth-keyboard sound in the jam - it's like having two Brents! Sorry I can't share your enthusiasm for this particular tune...that was a nice writeup of it, though.